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  • The information given on Mirotis Travel have been compiled with the most care. Nevertheless there can be errors that are outside of our control. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and do not assume any legal responsibility or liability which may arise from inaccurate or obsolete information.
  • All used trademarks of companies or institutions are protected by the Common Trade Mark and Patent Protection.
  • As far as we know, the pictures, descriptions and material of the real estate, institutions and companies, that are published in our website have been made available to us for publication with the expressed permission of the respective owner and or management.
  • We point expressly out, that Mirotis Travel doesn’t undertake, a guarantee neither a legal responsibility or any liability for consequences, which result to incorrect or obsolete information.
  • This site contains links to other sites.  Mirotis Travel and its owners are not responsible for the privacy practises or the content of such websites.
  • Mirotis Travel by no means wants to infringe any copyright laws. Contents used in this website are either made available publicly or an authorization has been obtained from the legal owners.
  • If, with no intention, some copyrighted material is published on this web site with no authorization, please let us know and we will remove it: [email protected]



  • the customer sends in writing, verbally or by telephone an inquiry over the availability of an apartment or a villa (accommodation), containing also the data of the customer (name and number of persons defining specifically how many adults and children), desired arrival and departure dates (with consideration of the reservation possibilities), so that we can offer, if necessary an alternative, if the accommodation is not for the period of the inquiry to request. The customer must note clearly whether it concerns around an inquiry or a reservation. Reservations are basically obligatory.
  • we respond in writing, verbally or by telephone with the availability of an accommodation, or an alternative, which corresponds to same type of status and type of accommodation.
  • written acknowledgement of the customer with e-mail or a fax, with its agreement for the alternative possibly offered by us.
  • booking through our online booking form. By filling out the online form the customer accepts our conditions (shown on the page) and confirms the booking.
  • fixed amount of the customer under specification of the customer data to our bank account mentioned according to, or by credit card with the specification of the card number, Exp.date, name of the owner.
  • seen the receipt of the pre-payment apply the reservation and availability of the accommodation acknowledged.
  • the acknowledgement we send via email or fax to the customer with a description, the address and telephone number to arrive to the responsible reception office of the accommodation.


  • usually between 14:00 to 19:00 o’clock (for residences), but not earlier than 14:00. The arrival times can be planned also requesting an according outside of these hours.
  • the customer should indicate the prospective time of his arrival for organisational reasons.
  • at the arrival there have to be presented an identity card or a passport. After the formalities, the customer will be accompanied to his accommodation, where he is informed about the function of the furnishings, the use, mode of function of the swimming-pool, if necessary safety regulations, listing up an inventory of the articles, and assertion of the accommodation.
  • reading of the counters of electricity, water, telephone, if differently is not agreed.
  • during the stay the customer can turn for support if necessary within office hours to the reception office.


  • usually between 09:00 to 10:00 o’clock (for residences), but not later than 10:00 – after temporal arrangement with the customer, the accommodation will be checked for cleanliness and order, and a check-out of the inventory. With tidy status and no damages at furnishings or the accommodation, the bail deposited at the arrival paid, will be charged back. If a damage or a loss should be developed, it will be billed with the bail at the height of damage. Higher damages than the bail have to be paid at the departure at the reception office.
  • the customer has to leave the accommodation in the status, in which it was found: cleaned and cleared up. Otherwise the customer has to pay a final clean up. The price of the cleaning depends on the type and size of the accommodation.


  • prices contain all legal taxes.


  • payment must be made at full fore the whole agreed period at the moment of arrival in cash, or credit card. The amount of payment is dependent on the type accommodation (according to the published price list)


  • everything which is not expressly described, basically only on request. During the stay the customer can ask at the reception office for any extras he needs (for example: additional bed, barbecue, additional services, etc.), if it is possible to arrange.


  • are, if not described or agreed expressly as inclusive to pay locally.
  • telephone in the accommodation: the customer pays directly locally at the departure the costs.


  • starting from the moment of the reservation until 90 days before posted arrival date: no cancellation fee.
  • from 89 days to 30 days before posted arrival date: 30% of the total amount.
  • from 30 days to 3 days before posted arrival date: 50% of the total amount.
  • within 3 days before posted arrival date or no arrival at all: 70% of the total amount.
  • in any case the fees have to be paid, it will be billed out with the pre-payment already carried.
  • we point out that we can wire automatic the amount by the credit card.


  • in the price is contained no cost for resignation insurance, reservations not kept can lead to the customer substantial costs debited to. A termination of an appropriate insurance is therefore recommended.


  • the customer has the possibility to inform the reception office about eventually inadequate  but has to guarantee anyway the possibility of improve.


  • the termination of luggage -, accident during the trip, travel liability and health insurance as well as insurance of travel assistance performances, car assistance is recommended.


  • the customer is even responsible: for the observance of the existing pass -, visas -, and health regulations respective to the place of accommodation, for the distribution and the access of necessary visas
  • all disadvantages created from the disregard of these regulations go to its loads.


  • all not specified limitations, guarantees and adhesion expressly do not debited to www.mirotis-travel.gr and to its provider. The customer explains itself automatically in agreement with its reservation for the general conditions. For errors or deviations from data on the Internet pages, occurred roughly negligently,
    www.mirotis-travel.gr does not take any responsibility.

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