Customer Care & Our Promise

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Mirotis Travel is owned by a group of experienced travellers who, through the knowledge and experience acquired durind the past years, know to expect and to ask for the best from their vacations. As such they are running their own business, making sure that their service is of similar or superior value from what they would expect themselves.

  • Expert Planning Advice

Our travel agents are experienced at helping guests build custom itineraries for the ideal Greek Getaway. Whether a small private family tour or a large student group, we can bring our expertise to your trip’s itinerary. We know the best places to visit and can recommend Villas and Studios if you want our suggestions. Our experts are there to help you before and during your tour.

  • Thorough Knowledge and Personal Experience of your Accommodation

Out travel experts know what they can offer you. Having a selected number of Accommodation options all over Greece, we make sure that what we are offering is what you will confront when you arrive in you chosen accommodation. We pride ourselves of having everyday communication with most of our Villa owners. Our agents have stayed and experienced the accommodation of each Villa so as to not only know what each Villa is offering but to have a personal experience to share with you while making their proposals.

  • Our Representative is your Friend

Service Representatives are selected and trained not only for their knowledge of the Villas and locations, but also for their language skills, personality and ability to be a kind host. Our Ratio for Representative to Customers is so small that they can actually concentrate on you. Our representatives are flexible and have various available options so as to adjust any aspect of your stay to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. They are experienced working with small or large groups, families, VIPs, students and the disabled.

  • Proposals for an Extraordinary Vacation

Our Represenatitives are local citizens of the area. And they are willing to make proposals to turn your vacation from good to Extraordinary. Being locals they know everything there is to know about the area. Proposal for hiden non touristic shops, restaurants, places and attractions will differentiate you from the typical tourist and will upgrade your vacation to a whole new higher level.

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